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(Above, the 1938 era Piper Cub)

On leave in Australia Len wrote, "Since my arrival in this theatre I have had all the breaks and my chance to fly the A-20 in combat is one of the best. For a period of two or three months our squadron operated with P-40s, also a very worthy ship. No doubt you have heard of the Triple Play in the Guinea war and the landings along the northern coast. Our outfit is in on all these shows, and prepares the way for the Navy knockout. Of course the rest of the Fifth Air Force gives us a hand. ...My duties provide for a lot of flying besides combat flying. We are always getting replacements to train and there are ships to test. We also have a B-25 in the squadron that we use on milk runs to Australia and for cross country flights.


"I live in a modest shack here with a ground officer from Green Bay and a fellow pilot from Grand Rapids."

fig 10.2P-51 Savannah.jpg

The men got their first crack at a P-51 at Hunter Field in Savannah 1942.

MC 1 little joe5:20.jpg

The twin engine, 2-man A-20 attacks from tree-top level, 20 feet off the ground!

B-24 Liberator LWH.jpg

The B-24 over stormy New Guinea

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